Paul's Story

When I was 25, a short voyage on a 40' sloop inspired me to build my own. Five years later I had built a 43' ketch complete with a teak laid deck. No one believed that I could do it. Some years later, I fell victim to a mental illness which nearly killed me (by my own hand.) I got through it after a few years but I had lost myself. A friend (who is now my wife) gave me a copy of JLS. It was and still is the most important book that I have ever read because it reminded me that I was once a young man who chased his dreams and made them come to life. JLS led me back to me and I became that young man again. I have bought about 40 copies so far because on my way through life I have met people who I think would benefit from this amazing fable. It should come as no surprise that I now have one copy as I given away all the others. Thank you, Richard, for your inspiration. You helped me to return.


Paul P.