Jim's Story

In 1962 I was seven. I stood on the ramp at NAS Moffett Field watching the Blue Angels. I was mesmerized. I knew I needed to do what they were doing. In 1971 I was in high school and discovered JLS. His message to me was to have the courage to follow your heart and I held that thought close. In 1983 I was earning enough to take flying lessons. By 1986 I was earning a living flying (barely). I towed banners, gliders, gave rides and flew skydivers. By 1991 I started flying freight but I still had not accomplished my primary goal. Doing aerobatics. 

About 1993 I was preflighting my Cessna 208 freighter when I met Richard Bach. He was picking up his C-337 from the avionics shop in Santa Maria, Ca. I told him that I had read JLS and some of his other work and it had inspired me to follow my dream of aerobatics, but akro was the one thing I really hadn't had the opportunity to do. He encouraged me to just "do it," but it wasn't until 2005 that I could afford a Pitts Special....

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