Peter's Story

My mom (a librarian by vocation, an actress/director by advocation) brought your book home for me to read upon its debut circa 1970. Both mom and dad had soloed in Piper Cubs in the late 1940's, brother Rick got his ticket and I was his first passenger about 1970. I was 17. 

Today, 2017, I still walk in my dreams on the bioluminescent Atlantic beach with my border collie "Soot" and talk to Fletcher and Jonathan. I never will forget the blood-red sunrises that came from "the East" or the deep understanding that I was "flying" right where I was standing on that beach (around the Sun at 1000 MPH.) Or that in an instant I could be anywhere in space and time. 

I hope this message finds you in good health and spirits as it is in good health and spirits that it is sent.

Sincerely, Peter