Cathy's Story

In 1976 I read Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Something about that story resonated in my 18-year-old brain. I was in the Navy attending school to become an aerographer (weather observer.) One day I went with a friend who was getting a tattoo. I just went along for the ride. While waiting in the lobby of the tattoo parlor, I spotted a seagull tattoo and felt compelled to get a tattoo of that seagull. 

Fast forward forty-one years to 2017. My journey has been much like Jonathan, seeking personal and spiritual growth. Last year my son passed away. Our connection is still strong. The lessons of love and kindness and spiritual growth from the book resonate even more now. I am not the type of person people would think would get a tattoo. I realize now how much it symbolizes for me. My spirit knew it at 18.