Nora's Story

I first met Jonathan standing on my mother's bookshelf. I remember the book earliest from when I was about eight years old. I didn't understand it at the time, and found it somewhat peculiar for my mother to have a book about a bird (though coming from a family of ornithologists.) Time passed, and when I was twenty I joined the army, and at age twenty-four, the air force, where I've been working as an intelligence specialist ever since. 

I am now almost thirty-two and about a year ago I re-read (or re-met) Jonathan. I have for a long time considered pilots arrogant and obnoxious (especially fighter pilots– sorry,) but reading Jonathan's story helped me understand. It is not an external show off campaign they are on. It is an internal battle, and I’m seeing that no one is harder on them than themselves. This has utterly changed my approach to them and I have introduced many to the book. I am baffled at how it is not mandatory reading at flight school here in Denmark!!! It should be!

I hope Jonathan is doing well - and that his flying will not be affected by the introduction of drones and other aircraft that are more technical and not spirit based.

Kind regards from Denmark