Alysia's Story

The minute I laid eyes on you, peace came and sat with me. It’s not everyday I keep such company such as yourself. You’re a mystery and for the moment you fascinate me… How long will you stay? What will become of you? What will become of me? I sit with you and you are silent. Yet the moment I leave your side you open your bill and sound the alarm until I return. I rush to your aid and attempt to bring comfort but you shy at the sight of my hand… so instead of invading your space I sit with you like you sit with me, quiet and content with just being… We mirror each other: you sit, I sit, you stare, I stare. I think about me when I look at you… and in my opinion you're mad to want such company. 

Why don’t you favor your kind? Why are you here with me? You are free to leave! Free to go! The world and the wild await you. You should be swimming in lakes, huddling, mating, laying eggs, and timidly eating from the hands of children. Instead you’re like me unwilling to live conventionally…. So, we sit as ducks do, you’ll never know me and I’ll never know you… but we are both content with just being, for now.