Ali's Story

My parents gave me this book when I was nine years old.I read the book as a child for the first time, having no idea how it would influence me in the future. I had a rough childhood and couldn't adapt to the new small town where we were moved to. And so the problems continued. I didn’t realize how much this affected my personality. We later moved back to my hometown where I was born and raised. 

I began to read about philosophy. When I was sixteen years old I attended a public high school and the following year received a national philosophy prize in a competition. 

I read the book book again when I was twenty-two years old. I called my mom after I finished reading and told her I didn't know how to explain how glad I was that she gave me that book when I was nine years old. But I get it now. This happened two years after my father's death. Now I'm twenty-four years old, studying English language and literature at a university.