Hollie's Story

Jonathon Seagull came to me during a tough time in my life. I had always grown up with my mum, auntie and nan mentioning the book. They also each have seagulls hanging in their houses named Jonathan so I was always aware of Jonathon in some way. However, I never understood nor asked to understand. Being a child I just accepted it as something they knew of and I didn't need to know.

At the age of sixteen I was admitted to a psychiatric hospital for severe anorexia and depression. I had no life in me, I was a shell of the real me. For quite a while I was too unwell to read, my body so weak and fragile, my brain unable to concentrate for even a few seconds. When I became more stable my mum brought your book into hospital for me to read. As I read it, it all made sense. I was sitting in a hospital room feeling vulnerable and still very unwell mentally and physically when he came to me. 

I realised Jonathon was a lot like me. I needed to accept help and get rid of my inhibitions and my need for perfection. For many years I battled with accepting myself and punishing myself for what I thought were flaws. I could never feel peace or satisfaction. I knew I had to change the way I think and see things in order to change my entire life. I began to accept and just be. I started to think differently and look at the whole world rather than just my little bubble that trapped me in negativity and stole my future.

Now, four years later, I'm twenty years old and healthy and happy. I admit, I'm not quite where I need to be, but Jonathon was my answer during a very destructive time. I am forever grateful that he came into my life when he did.