John's Story

The first time I read the book, I was in 5th grade, the second time I was 53. In school I was always odd and not one to follow the crowd. My interests separated me so I learned to be comfortable being a loner - independent and not expecting or needing that much support of my dreams. It was not until recently at the age of 53, with my second read, did I realize how much this story has shaped my way of life, self-image, and thinking.

I have had four careers, many adventures, and other positions of advocacy from civil rights to ministry. Through it all I have always known I was a non-conformer who thought outside the box and was always looking for someone to take with me in exploration of alternative perspectives. This drive has been the source of my joy, imagination, frustration and, in some cases, loneliness and confusion. Until I purchased your book and read it for the second time yesterday. And now much has come together and makes sense.

I am Jonathan Livingston Seagull. I am different, not because of my abilities or accomplishments - they only reflect as evidence - but by my choice to stretch my thinking and pursue the uncommon. Anyone can become Jonathan, but only those who catch hold of a vision and pursue it will reach that potential.

Thank you so much for publishing your book so many years ago and providing a major inspiration that changed my life and direction. Thank you even more for re-publishing with the Fourth Chapter, this has helped bring it all together and complete the circle. I feel like I have re-discovered my identity and for that I am truly grateful.

With warm regard and sincerity, John