Emily's Story

I never really knew that much. I thought that I were flying long before I actually could. I remember once when I was young and I thought the only thing in the world that I could not do was whistle. Literally that was the only thing I couldn't do! My friend at the time laughed at me as though I were being silly and then a doubt entered my mind. But with all my heart and might, I believed that this was the only thing in the whole entire world that I could not do. 

Funnily enough this memory came to mind today just before I was crossing that path upon which I stood all those years ago, feeling as though anything were possible, and a boy standing there just began to whistle, so beautifully, that I had to turn back. I was quite taken aback as I had thought about that time of being unable to whistle and then to hear the whistle return there and then after that thought and him being in that same place all these years later: magical. 

I think that as I began and completed the re-reading of this book two days ago, after a fair number of years without it, the message reawakened in me of a spirit within that feels anything is possible. Jonathan Livingston Seagul, for me, represents courage and self resolution. Determination to embark on a calling that beckons your heart and soul, regardless of the reception and interference from those around. The collective is united ultimately and love is a beautiful force. As is freedom. It is a belief in the power of love, a force from above. I see the gull in others too. I am ever blessed and fortunate to have met more than one soul mate to open the windows, time and time again. 

With this said, I thank the seagulls for their sounds as I often hear laughter there, and also for their shining white feathers gliding through the sky, a sight for sore eyes. To those who doubt themselves, where they are and where they are going: just as each of us can become lost, we can also become found. Please remember that you are so loved. And to those spirits and souls who have found the Jonathan Livingston Seagull within, I salute you and declare, Bon Voyage