Janine's Story

Ok, this is weird. I had a dream last night that a seagull had been overcome with heat and I took it to a lake to cool and rehydrate. I entered the lake with the seagull and began to swim. Soon there were dozens of seagulls around me, swimming. One seagull then began to give me a shoulder massage. His wings transformed into the claws of a Sloth for this purpose. He told me his name was Jonathan and we had a lovely conversation about life. He thanked me for taking him to the lake and since he sensed I had been under a lot of stress he said he wanted to return the favour by helping me relax. I had been having a lot of shoulder pain but today when I woke up and the pain had vanished. I felt very at peace as he offered me some kind words. When I woke up I thought, "what a funny dream - a seagull named Jonathan,” and I laughed. I spoke to a friend on the phone and when I told him about the dream he immediately mentioned your book. I can honestly say I had never heard of your book until today. When I read the plot and theme I was shocked.

Can you please explain to me what this is? What do you and others mean when it’s said they "have met Jonathan?" What is going on?

Many thanks, Janine