Joe's Story

Jonathan opened my eyes to the Divine at an early age. I knew that what I was hearing in church, as important and powerful as they made it feel, somehow never resonated. It felt hollow, and I was confused. I knew there was something more, and there were glimpses of it, but somehow obscure.

And then I met Jonathan. Though it's been ten years since I read his story, the hair stands up on my arms knowing how powerful it was for me. Jonathan revealed truths about love and the Divine within.

Jonathan spoke to me in a way that I understood. Simple and true. It was in Jonathan that I heard the first echoes of an independent spirit, and gained a faith that, no, I am not inherently broken. I am, in fact, a small image of a Greater...

Even now, thirty-five years later, I always encourage people to chase the Divine within and to find their 'perfect speed.'