Maxine's Story

The book has made an impression on me far greater than I could imagine. I often feel that I am Jonathon. When I see seagulls, I identify with them. They are my brothers and sisters. Jonathon went into another dimension when he met Chiang. He learned to manifest his desires. He became a co-creator. By returning to the flock he became a Bodhisattiva. For me, he is a type of Christ in animal form. He brings Christ consciousness to us through higher awareness, yet remains humble and childlike. 

I read that the book was “channelled." It came to you for us. Thanks for all your inspired writings, Richard. And your honesty. When I saw the movie as a teen by myself in a darkened theatre, I felt impelled to see it by benevolent force. It gives me courage through difficult times. I look forward to reading Part Four. Its time has come to share with the human flock. Thank you.