Wendy's Story

I remember being ten years old and going to the movie theatre with my parents and younger sister. Up to that point in our lives, Beth and I had only been to kiddie Disney -type movies. I remember feeling proud to go to an "adult show."

I was astounded with the concepts introduced! What an eye opening experience! Learning about true freedom and the cost of that freedom. Learning of tolerance in a whole new way. The range of emotions I experienced were so intense that when I hear or think of the soundtrack I choke up.

It will sound cliché, but Jonathan Livingston Seagull changed my young, day dreaming life in an instant of time. Jonathan became embedded within me…. and my thoughts and actions. Recently, I tried to explain the story to my eighteen year old son with Asperger syndrome. He was very intrigued and was amazed by the Neil Diamond soundtrack.

Thank you for Jonathan and blessings on you......Wendy