Vikki's Story

I read and loved the book over forty years ago and bought it again and again for friends and loaning out my copy. Words stayed with me (Sullivan and Jonathan's conversation especially.) Last week I visited Whitby on the East Coast of England. It is a fishing port, famous as Bram Stoker's inspiration and home to the explorer Captain Cook. It was a glorious sunny winter's day with a terrific wind. Gulls aplenty with one herring gull standing out from the rest. My friend was taking photos when I asked if she had read Jonathan Livingston Seagull and was surprised that this well-read retired head teacher had not. I quickly ordered a copy on our return home.

I have had a wonderful morning rereading this lovely book and enjoying Part Four which I had not seen before. Forty odd years have passed since I first read of Jonathan and my thoughts have sometimes come back to the book. It has influenced my thoughts and actions and the importance of now.

Thank you, Mr. Bach, for renewed pleasures.