Naomi's Story

Hundreds and hundreds of young people (20s, 30s, 40s) all over the world have had their entire lives changed because of your book. The International Institute for Global Leadership has seven levels of books we give to program participants. One hundred books on each level but the first. Jonathan Livingston Seagull and As A Man Thinketh are the two books of the very first level.

I can share the most profound influence your book has had on young people around the world who didn't know that thought process, who weren't familiar with the philosophy of your Jonathan, who have taken to heart that so much is possible. When finished reading JLS, some of our earliest students - fifteen years ago and more - took it upon themselves to go into the "grammar school" classes to tell very young people about the world out there that no one taught them exists. Profound effects.

Moreover, our participants go back to re-read JLS and write about their increased awareness of the depth of JLS and its teachings. Their joy and amazement, the insights they have, the growth and understanding, the light bulbs are never ending.

Thank you, bless you, THANK YOU. With eternal gratitude, Naomi Stauber, Board of Directors, IIGL