Peter's Story

My mother was a librarian, an actress, and a pilot. She read me "The Little Prince" when I was beginning to read about age 5, and she brought home JLS when it first was published and I was 18.

My brother was a pilot. I was his first passenger. I loved to fly with him. His name was Richard. He was ten years older than me. He died when I was 44. I was in a car wreck when I was 15-I was hit by a Greyhound bus with two other boys. I always think of this experience in light of Fletcher and his flying into the solid rock wall.

I am 63 now, the unfinished experimental airplane project sits under the carport waiting for me fly again. Mom and Richard are gone. But there is still Johnathan and Fletcher and the beach I once walked on… the beach with the green iridescent glow of 10 billion sea creatures. I know that I have only to practice flying more slowly and that I have already arrived at the place I desire to be.

Thank you for the JLS story.