William's Story

My Mother, God rest her soul, physically forced me into the movie theatre to see JLS. I entered the theatre angry, rebellious and severely disenchanted. I left the same theatre enchanted, reclaimed and headed into the world with a personal determination I could not have possibly imagined two hours before! 

I read the book in a couple of days thereafter. I found myself so filled with hope and courage and self confidence I was giddy with it! I was thirteen years old and before that thought I knew everything. Since that epiphany life has been wonderous! Far from perfect, of course, but for instance when my girlfriend was under the weather I brought flowers and a copy of Illusions for her. We've been happily married thirty-four years!

Life's a Beach and then you die...right?! I get that. But my God, when you are true to yourself you leave a trail of happiness that is invaluable. The most creative souls are often the most misunderstood souls. JLS has helped all of our creative souls manage. Thank You Jonathan! Forever in your debt!