Peggy's Story

As a child I knew two things; I knew life as a mental, physical and man-made religious abuse. But I also knew how I felt when I was in nature.

I was a daily drug addict, and an 8th grade drop out at 15 yrs old when I read Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Even as life later became more unbearable, I never forgot I had an inner spirit within.

Over the years during the course of my life, I found that at times I could fly. With many continued hard lessons to learn, I never gave up. Each death brought a new path of life to experience.

I'm in my 50's now. I'm flying again, & I found what feeds my soul. I know now to never lose sight in taking care of my mind, body and spirit, so I can help others & make this world a better place to live.

Thank you.

Peggy H.