Robert's Story

Thank you Richard for the fourth chapter!

"Jonathan" and I have been together for nearly 33 years, and ironically, we just became reacquainted again. Browsing the bookstore with my daughter last weekend, I found your updated book. I bought one for my stepfather's birthday and one for my self, fully intending to introduce you to my children after I read it yet again.

Done! Completed, and sad that in my world of business, I've forgotten some life lessons you taught me many years ago. I'm finding my center once again though, and seeking that perfection rarely obtained but pleasurable in the journey.

Thanks again from a fellow, life long resident of the PNW.
PS...while I'm pulling out "Illusions" again, I asked my daughter to take a break from "Jane Eyre" (advanced English assignment) to gain a little insight from "Jonathan"!

Robert V.