Tiago's Story

I was raised in the Flock described on the 4th chapter, but everything seemed to be getting nowhere. My family said they loved Jonathan but their actions showed exactly the opposite. My father`s motto was "stay away from those seeking change,” let's just sit and wait for the return of Jonathan. And every Tuesday we left a pebble on the pyramids. I eventually stopped worshipping Jonathan, and started living my life. I dated a few seagulls but none seemed to really be what I was looking for. Then one fateful day it happened. She was gorgeous, intelligent, but mostly she had a gorgeous soul. Her name was Lightwish. We lived together for seven years and I had never been happier. We fell in love because we were both outcasts in a way. But I gave up on flying because of the pressure to provide. The stress and drudgery of the grind gradually drove us appart. When we went separate ways my heart was devastated. I thought about plunging into the Ocean and ending the pain. After what I had lived, any love would be pale in comparison.

I then did something very unusual and unexpected. I`m not sure it was me doing it anymore. It was destiny`s call. I started flying. Higher and higher, for a whole week without sleep. I believed I was writing Lightwish a love story, I was making her a movie. But I later realised that a story was being delivered to me through my soul. That was the moment I saw Jonathan flying by my side. I found a truer, deeper, more magical love than the one I shared with Lightwish. I started dancing with the Moon. Since that moment onwards, I started a wonderful self-discovery journey. I am still learning the ropes, but I am certain I`m flying with Jonathan.