Suzy's Story

My high school years were horrible, not only full of the typical high school anxieties and self-esteem issues like every teenager has, but also some incidents of peer and date abuse. It was a Catholic school in a small Southern town. My world was so small, and I didn't fit in anywhere in that world. I honestly do not know why I was not a teenage suicide statistic. That is how sad I was. So off to college I went ready to reinvent myself, but how? I had no idea that life could be different than what I was living, but my hope was that there would be new people who did not know me before, and I could start over. I had a crush on the (upper classman) newspaper editor. He was nice to me, and did a good job of not breaking my heart. Actually, I think he enjoyed the fandom that I provided. Anyway, one late weekend, college-party night after being introduced to a keg earlier in the day, I spilled my sad stories and dreadful history to him. He was kind, told me it was okay, life happens, you go on, etc.... Later that semester, we were working on the paper late one night, and he handed me JLS and said he thought I would like it. I did. I devoured it, and ran to him the next day, and he told me about Illusions. A new world was open to me, a new everything. It was like the scene in the movies where black and white turns to color. I was strong and I was me and I was okay and I could fly.


Suzy S.