Sura's Story

I first heard of Jonathan sitting on a mountain at a camp in Colorado. A guy named Charlie had a copy of a book not yet published back in the 70's, someone he knew wrote and we sat as he told us the story of Jonathan Livingston Seagull. I waited for the book to come out, I tried to order it from my bookstore back in Virginia and they laughed at me. Months later their window was full of the book as it hit the best seller list and Richard appeared on talk shows. I believe my copy might have been read by over 100 people. My adult children know the story as I got the tape version and played it on family trips. Back to the 60's, the Beatles had been to Rishikesh and opened our minds to eastern philosophy, Richards Bach was asked on that first talk show was Jonathan a Christian or a Buddhist. I had come from attending Christian Science camp and church and was seeking more. 10 years later I found the path of Universal Sufism where lessons are taught through stories and Jonathan is at the top of my list. I once designed a teenage retreat around the book and they all made collages of what their wings were. Now in my sixth decade of walking this planet, I have recently taken on being a Story teller, Tales on the Caravan, stories of the heart, having sat with many teachers around the planet and absorbed the stories, I now want to share. Jonathan is my foundation on which I have built this caravan.


Sura T.