Seana's Story

I met Jonathan years ago, I'd read the book when I was much younger, and loved it then. Later I shared it with my husband. Then when I checked in and realized you had hit a stone cliff, so to speak, I was afraid and sad, for a moment. Then I'd be back. When I finally checked in to the website and found your feed was active again, I rejoiced. Then I saw there was a part of Jonathan I hadn't met yet! Bought, and read, the last chapter immediately.

I used to be a part of the Flock....and I was unhappy. Partially because of this book, and partially because of my own desperate choice, I finally broke free....and am learning to fly. My flights are tentative still. But I fly. My fear sometimes tries to control me, but I fly. I am Seana Louise Seagull. And I have yet to learn where my wizardry lies, but I am Outcast by choice, and free by even prouder choice.

Seana P.