Jen's Story

I read JLS when I was in high school, it was actually if I really think long and hard about it, this month...22 years ago! OUCH. It feels like yesterday. I fell into another world, another realm. I was immediately taken in and held there for a long time. I remember how it had shifted my way of thinking and connecting to myself and my world. 

Today I was brought right back to my connection with this book, with Jonathan. A friend had posted on her Facebook photos of seagulls and how her young children have taken to them and the beach that they frequent and how these birds have made a home in the hearts of these young girls. She said, "they have taken to naming the seagulls." And then I thought of Jonathan. And here's the opportunity to introduce these girls now, this new generation of women to-be, to take their connection with this free flying bird and imprint on their lives to be their own Jonathan in their lives. I had to share the book with the Mom, perhaps an opportunity for her to read the book with her daughters. What a beautiful image that comes to my mind.

Thank you, Mr. Bach, for writing such a powerful book to remind each of us how special and impactful we are in the worlds that be and that ever were. 
Many continued blessings on you–

Toronto Jen