Daniel's Story

My humble hope is to try to convey how important Jonathan was for me--and still is. I read it over and over in my adolescence, finding that one by one the words formed a complex puzzle that made my head spin. One morning, while pondering the profound importance of sharing my ideas with my flock of friends... and they giving me the cold shoulder... I came to the conviction that I could find other Jonathans.

Over the years, I've given my best friends the gift of this book, thinking it might help them break loose from the flock. I've had various degrees of success, but the most sublime, heavenly outcome has been that my 12-year-old daughter, Zoe, now shares my devotion to the book. We read it together and share our ideas. Living by the sea in a city on the Atlantic coast lets us experience the fullness of the natural world and the sense of being one with all things. I only hope I can be with Zoe as she glides on her wings for the first time and that she can shine with limitless light. 

Just that. Thank you.

Daniel L.

(Translated from original Spanish by Barry Head)