Nazsun’s Story

Looking back, it is clear that I have spent a lifetime, 'arguing for my limitations'. Without the intervention of the loving Universe, it might still be the case.

Before I continue with my story, I must share my belief that all experiences are here to help us. In this lifetime, I have known many that have brought me joy and many that have brought me extreme trauma, pain and abandonment, particularly in the early years of my childhood. And it is to these traumatic experiences that I wish to give most thanks to. Without them, I would not have been able to learn what I know now. I would not have been led to Jonathan; to the people who act as guides on each leg of my journey; to my heart's desire; to my authentic self and the true freedom of flight. 

Anyway, back to my story which begins two and a half years ago. A time when the Universe knew I desperately needed a wake-up call, which it lovingly provided through Burn Out. Burn Out from a lifetime of boxing myself in with my limiting beliefs, my fears, my lack of self love and complete disconnection with my authentic self. Even someone as stubborn as me realised that I could not continue as I had been doing - living a life in the straight-jacket of societal and cultural conditioning. Before, I had been so proud of my ability to survive in this 'unforgiving' world. To me it seemed like a strength. In the midst of my limbo, I realised the truth - that in choosing to put on this straight jacket, I had forgotten how to thrive. 

Two and a half years on... I have undone the buckles and taken the jacket off. Finally, my wings are free and I am flying into the unknown, with my inner knowing as my compass. Consequently, the Universe is responding in its own loving way - doors are opening in the most unexpected ways and life has become an adventure once more. 

I cannot express how deeply your words and work have connected with me... thank you for reinforcing my belief in myself and re-reminding me of what I already know to be true. 

My heartfelt blessings to you Richard and to all of you whose stories on this site touch my heart with joy, hope and love.

Fly free and true,