Walter's Story

I first read this story in Fourth Grade. I can't remember if it was a class assignment or something that the teacher gave me for individual reading. I was blown away by the ideas. I had been raised a white Christian in the Deep South and all of a sudden I felt the permission to question the ways of my flock. It took me days to read the book those first few times but I've read it many times since.

Reading JLS has lead me to many other spiritual discoveries. I came to discover Hesse, Dillard, Eliade, Lilith, the Apocrypha, and Eastern thought in general. I studied Philosophy and Religion in college rather than something more practical. I continue to feel that there is something special about each of us that organized religions and our own flocks try to beat out of us. I feel like a wanderer, but because of JLS I believe that there are others like me.

Who knows if I will be able to find my unlimited self. Mortgages, children, bills and the grass needing to be cut all tug for my attention. However, every time I am speaking in front of a group and I notice their eyes start to glaze over I hear: "this doesn't sound like a rule for a loop." and I remind myself to start by teaching level flight.


Walter T.