Aarti’s Story

I lost my 12 yr old son in 2010. We were devastated and yet somewhere there was an acceptance. While he was here many times we remarked that he does not belong to the world. He is just something else. Always wanting more out of life, going against the norms, questioning everything and everyone. Saying things that made us step back and reflect. We had started accepting the fact that this was our master yet not fully understanding.

When he suddenly passed away many friends gave us stuff to read, hoping we would find some solace. Anil, my husband had read JLS when he was in the U S studying. He ordered it off the net. I cannot express how the book made me feel. I suddenly understood Ahaan so much better. A sense of peace came over me and life's perspective changed.

In the meanwhile, Anil started receiving messages from Ahaan. A whole new world opened up. Ahaan would write about everything being an illusion and how we were never apart but one in reality. I remember asking Anil I dont fully understand though a part of me does and it gives me so much peace. I want to understand better. My eyes at that very moment fell on ONE by Richard Bach. How did it get there I don't know and today I don't question.

We hung on every word. Trying to comprehend a picture that seemed beyond comprehension. Wow. Suddenly we felt our human existence so small and insignificant. There was so much more to our existence than we knew. Everyday after that we were led into a world of self discovery. Excitedly we embraced each day as it came. We laughed, sang and danced. We started questioning, going against the norms and having a perpetual smile on our face, something that Ahaan had always done and nothing seemed to affect him. We started understanding the messages more and more and going within. Doing things on instinct and with our hearts bursting with love.

JLS entered our lives again when a dear friend remarked "you know I read that book and all I could think of was you." I smiled and silently thanked the higher power for lack of words for sending us these tools and showing us the way to freedom.

In 2013, my husband Anil passed away too very suddenly. I entered the room and found him on the floor. He was no more. The doctors cannot pinpoint the reason for his death. I was filled with a feeling of peace and love. I just couldn't cry or grieve. That's when i realized how deeply I had understood life and felt humbled and grateful to what, to whom if not my self, It's been 6 mths now and I only feel happy and joyful. My younger son and me go through each moment with love and joy in our hearts. People from near and far come to actually see us because they just cant believe we can be this way.

All I have to say is "there is no grief because there is no separation". We are all one in reality, living an illusion.   
Richard your words and not actually your words were meant for us at that moment. We received many answers to our questions which has helped us to come closer to reality and today the illusion is losing its grip on us.