Angelica’s Story

Jonathan came into my life in the mid-70’s. Having lost my family to cancer a few years earlier, and several relationships going south, I was at an especially low point in my life. Jonathan’s journey became a metaphor that helped me better understand my journey and my crazy knowings. He also helped me keep the faith and never give up. He reminded me of what I already knew and had just forgotten. Jonathan Seagull was one of those helpers my angels promised to send me when life got too tough. And I always got the helpers in time. As the years passed, I wasn’t always aware of Jonathan in my life, but he was always there to remind me.

Every book you [Richard] wrote was a reminder of Jonathan. I loved Bridge Across Forever and One and Illusions, but There’s No Such Place As Far Away is the book I give as a gift or recommend to those who go through separation issues. It’s the perfect companion for those experiencing the Orphan Archetype. You show how we’re always connected now matter how far away we are. Love that message!

I had always hoped that one day I would get to say thank you for Jonathan. Intention is everything…so, Thank You.

Angelica M.