If, before the ending of Part 1, Jonathan Seagull had lived… ?

If, before the ending of Part 1, Jonathan Seagull had lived a near-death experience like yours, how would it have changed his life?

Good question!  If he had been for just a few minutes in his next-life experience, where the other gulls would not have fought for food, where there was no politics in the flock, where each learned how best to express the beauty of flight -- and then returned again to his lonely life, what would have happened to him?

He would have never feared death again.  He would have felt homesick for the gulls and for the way they flew that had been in his heart all his life.  He would have lived to fly as they had flown.  He would have realized that there was a beautiful life waiting ahead for him, and have done everything he could to have lived it as best he could till finally it reached him. 

Sure enough, even people who have had a near death experience have done the same…they know they have a beautiful experience waiting, that the ones they had loved would meet them again, that they would be closer to the Love that is the only reality of any world.  And they have felt that strange homesickness for a future that was their past, as well.

I’m not sure of this for Jonathan, but when I consider my days right now, after that experience, I think he might have mirrored that beauty of life, too.