What is the best… ?

What is the best piece of advice you've ever received? 

It came from Ray Bradbury, about writing.  He said it in his lectures, too: he said, ”Don’t think.”   I had barely begun my life as a writer, and his was advice which stopped me from breathing for a while.  It was true!  So much beautiful writing happens for me when I don’t think, I live my stories and they choose the words.  In my life, writing, I bracketed his advice with two binary sentences, a long book in six words:

     Have fun.  Don’t think.  Don’t care.    

When I told him that his work had changed my life, Ray told me that I would never be able to thank him.  The one thing I could do would be to help other young writers way in my future, scared and determined to live a life of ideas.  The only way he could thank his own teacher, he said, was what he was doing this minute, giving his best advice, his best experience, to me.

So here I am, after our belief of his death, thanking him for his explosion of light, leading the way for me and many others.  He has a few YouTube.com lectures, by the way, to smile with him, and consider.