What’s your favorite passage… ?

What's your favorite passage from JLS?  Why? 

One I read tonight:  “He was alive, trembling ever so slightly with delight, proud that his fear was under control.”

      It’s the story of so many moments in Jonathan’s life, and in mine, too.  When I test something new, something I’ve never done before, I’m always frightened and try not to show it.  I’m thinking this could be the end of my life when my flying skills fail, or the end of my career when others see I've tried to write a strange thing instead of just writing it like others do. 

      Maybe my career has ended, come to think of it, the last few books being, shall we say, unusual.

      Yet those choices are so interesting!  Flying this tiny seaplane across the continent, watching words and ideas I’ve written that have never been said before.  I think that’s true for many of Jonathan’s readers, too, having chosen sometimes the flamboyant, creating the fires of imagination over the ashes of what we’ve done before.  Glad I have their company in my life.

Richard Bach